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Every household is different, possessing its own unique strengths and quirks. While Roses & Robins is there to help you every step of the way in the hiring process, there are some points to consider once you’ve found someone who suits you and your family’s needs.

Create An Official Contract

While this may seem like an obvious first step, it’s also an extremely important one. It’s vital to draw up a contract detailing the requirements you need for someone filling the position within your home. It not only sets the boundaries of hours and pay but also explains what is expected from the individual working for you. Creating a contract that’s understood by both parties helps to avoid future misunderstandings that may arise during the job.

A contract should include the following:

  • Working hours
  • Salary
  • Overtime pay
  • Holiday pay
  • Day-to-day responsibilities
  • Notice period
  • Settling-in period

Just as you are getting to know the individual, they are also getting to know you and your family. Based on the role and their previous experience, it’s important to set realistic goals and expectations. Be sure to provide guidance, especially during the first week, so they clearly understand what is expected of them and how tasks should be carried out.

Meetings and Feedback

Even if your employee appears confident in their new position, set up a regular meeting to determine how they are getting on, what they feel comfortable with and which areas they may still require your assistance. Focus on what they are doing well and give positive feedback for areas in which they can improve. Remember, they want to succeed in the role as much as you want them to, so providing them with useful feedback is a great way to strengthen their knowledge in the position.

Stay In Contact With Your Agency

Roses & Robins prides itself on seamlessly fitting employers with employees. Therefore, it’s beneficial to keep communication open. We love hearing from our clients when they find well-suited candidates. And if a certain match isn’t working out, we are here to help find someone with the credentials you’re looking for.

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