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Being CPR Certified is one of the most important qualifications any employee can possess. It indicates to employers, in private homes and professional establishments, that an individual has the knowledge of life-saving techniques. When it comes to working as a nanny, having a CPR certificate is essential and almost always mandatory.

What Is CPR?

In instances where an individual can’t breathe, the heart’s blood flow stops and oxygen to the brain is cut off. Failure of blood to the heart stops oxygen from reaching the brain. This increases an individual’s chance of becoming brain dead and decreases their chance of survival.

CPR, formally known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a medical procedure involving repeated compressions to the chest and airflow via mouth-to-mouth.

CPR Steps

Below are the seven steps of CPR. Please note that the technique varies slightly depending on the individual’s age.

  • With the individual lying on their back, place the heel of your hand on their chest.
  • Interlock your fingers with your other hand while being sure to keep your arms straight.
  • Firmly press down on the individual’s chest approximately two inches. Give the individual thirty compressions (to keep the appropriate rhythm, perform these compressions to the beat of the song Staying Alive).
  • Tilt the individual’s head upward (lifting at the chin) so their mouth opens slightly.
  • While pinching their nostrils and keeping your other hand on their forehead, breathe in. Be sure to watch their chest rise while you give a breath.
  • After providing breaths and watching the individual’s chest rise, turn to their chest and watch it fall. Approximately two breaths should be given in between compressions.
  • Repeat the steps until an emergency service team arrives.

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