Soft Skills: what are they?

The term “soft skills” is relatively new but the concept itself has been around since the beginning of time. Soft skills are employee personality and character traits that help to ensure success in the workplace. A good set of soft skills is vital for progress in your career and have a good relationship with your employers and clients. Soft skills can be interpersonal skills, social skills or… Read More


Being CPR Certified is one of the most important qualifications any employee can possess. It indicates to employers, in private homes and professional establishments, that an individual has the knowledge of life-saving techniques. When it comes to working as a nanny, having a CPR certificate is essential and almost always mandatory. What Is CPR? In… Read More


What Are DBS Checks? DBS stands for the Disclosure and Barring services and referred to as a background check. They’re an essential part of the recruitment process and allow employers to make safer hiring decisions, particularly in fields involving children. How They Help Individuals who have undergone a DBS check permits employers to look at… Read More