Types Of Interviews

The interview process for nannies varies depending on the job. Sometimes taking a position means relocating to a new city or even country. For this reason, there are different types of interviews to consider when applying to become a nanny. 


The first and most popular interview style is face-to-face. It’s extremely common for nannies to visit the family’s home or nearby café when meeting a member of the family for the first time. This gives individuals the opportunity to meet the children and possibly spend a few hours or the day with them if requested by the parent. 

Be sure to come prepared with any essential documents or references requested by parents beforehand. Additionally, as there is a chance you may be asked to spend some time with the children to get to know them, it’s best to wear comfortable clothes. Keep in mind, this does not mean to attend the interview looking dishevelled or in dirty attire.

Video Call

Especially if you’re applying for a job where you’ll have to relocate, often the parents will video call you on a programme like Skype. Ensure you are in a quiet room/location so you will not be disturbed and can fully concentrate on what the family member is asking. Furthermore, check your background; everything within view should be tidy. It’s important to give video interviews the same consideration as a face-to-face ones.

While you will not be able to play with the children, it’s likely they will get the opportunity to meet you over video.

Below are some key points to consider prior to and during your interview: Be on time:

  • Be on time
  • Dress appropriately
  • Come prepared
  • Ask questions
  • Get to know the family
  • Interact with the children